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Digital Currency Firm Victim of Cybercrime!

  As reported in the Wall Street Journal, digital currency firm DAO was the victim of a hack in which 3.6 million Ethereum coins, valued...


Latest reviews

Southwest Glitch Strands Thousands

On Wednesday, July 20th, Southwest Airlines suffered a massive systems outage which resulted in the airline being essentially grounded, with over a thousand flights cancelled...

How DevOps Could Have Saved Equifax

How DevOps Could Have Saved Equifax by Bob Aiello Equifax is the latest large firm to make unwanted headlines due to exposure of clients' personal data;...

Docker Announces Docker Engine 1.12 With Container Orchestration

Built-in orchestration features Announced DockerCon – Seattle, Wash. – June 20, 2016 – Docker announced Docker Engine 1.12 with built-in orchestration, a powerful combination that...
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