IEEE SRE Standards Working group

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IEEE Standards Association

Are you interested in being a part of the future of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)? Look no further than the IEEE P2675 DevOps working group! We are beginning work on an SRE standard and are seeking individuals to join this exciting project. 

The working group will review industry definitions and views on what SRE means, and especially how it is implemented in highly regulated industries including banking, finance, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, automotive, aerospace and defense. We will consider what SRE really has to do with reliability, availability, and related terms, and how an SRE standard would align with other industry standards including the ISO 32675 DevOps standard, The IEEE 828 Configuration Management standard, along with many other IEEE/ISO/EIA industry standards.

Should SRE really refer to Systems/Site/Services Reliability Engineering?

SRE thought leaders emphasize the importance of automating tasks often performed manually by operations engineers, and we know that SRE engineers spend a considerable amount of time writing code to identify and address issues before they impact end users. 

If you are excited about the SRE topic and would like to join the award-winning IEEE P2675 DevOps working group, please contact Bob Aiello directly at Let’s shape the future of SRE together!