ALMtoolbox presents smart performance monitoring and alerting tool, including Free Community Edition


Tel Aviv, Israel – June 28, 2016 –  IBM Champion ALMtoolbox, Inc., a firm with offices in the United States and Israel, today announced availability of a free Community edition product called ALM Performance, based upon ALM Performance Pro, their award-winning environment monitoring commercial solution.

The Community edition of ALM Performance provides a comprehensive set of over twenty environment-monitoring features including monitoring your ClearCase VOB ,Jenkins and ClearQuest servers along with their respective JVMs. The product also monitors available storage, required ports, memory and CPU load while checking also for components of the application itself, such as Jenkins jobs which may be running too long or other possible Jenkins application problems. You can even write your own custom scripts and integrate them with the ALM performance dashboard. The user interface allows for email alerts, filtering notifications and other custom alerts.

Easily upgraded to the Commercial Pro edition for additional scalability and convenience, the Community Edition alone offers the following features.

ALM Performance Highlights – 3 main components:

  • Settings application – configuration tool for the ALM Performance, allows you to add or delete monitored servers and configure the server’s checks and parameters
  • Graphical component – graphical dashboard of the system.
  • Monitoring service – heart of the system – monitoring service is the component that schedules, runs tests and analyzes the results.

ALM Performance can monitor all Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows versions and it does so in a non-intrusive and secure manner, using advanced SSH protocol. ALM Performance is installed on a Windows host and can be run on-premise or it can be run as a cloud service where we run and manage the system while it remotely monitors your servers.

“Over the years, we have provided a variety of robust tools that share our techniques and expertise with the user community, and now we are doing so with performance monitoring issues. We wanted to share our knowledge with the users, and help them improve their skills so that they can respond more effectively when they have to cope with malfunctions or Systems suffering from slow-response and other forms of latency, says Tamir Gefen, ALMtoolbox CEO.

“We have built this tool after many years of experience with SCM administration, IT management and DevOps, and we created it by envisioning a tool that’s made a priori for Jenkins, ClearCase or ClearQuest rather than just another cut-off-the-shelf monitoring tool that users have to spend months planning what to monitor and how to customize.   Using this tool it takes only 1 hour to start getting status data and insights from your monitored hosts”, says Gefen.

“We always strive to benefit the users’ communities and provide a version that can provide the essential features for each company that uses Jenkins, ClearCase or ClearQuest” says David Cohen, the product manager of the new ALM Performance monitoring tool.

“Since it’s software with an easy installation, we are excited that we are able to provide the Community version, including self-installation, for free”, says Cohen.

To download the product, visit ALM toolbox and click the Download link.

Updates and support via email, phone and desktop sharing are available with either product.